Before Use

If the can is not shaken well before use, only the pigment paste at the bottom layer will be sprayed out. As a result, the thick paste will get stuck at the opening of the diptube and will turn hard over time.

This problem can be overcome by shaking the can 2-3 times before each spray.

Lacquer layer that is too thick, or process of spraying is done during a gloomy day. Moisture trapped within cannot be released and too thick of the lacquer layer will ‘bite’ the paint underneath.

Hot temperature (maximum 33°C) will speed up the release of moisture solvent trapped within so that the paint layer trapped within so that the paint layer underneath is truly dry.

Resulting form the spraying technique that concentrates only at one area.

Make sure that you do not wipe off the sagging paint. Instead, wait for it to dry abd repeat the steps right from the sanding and the following steps. Use brief and the following steps. Use brief and rough big hand swing technique when paint is sprayed.

Resulting form all sorts of dirt such as oil, wax, and dust on the surface that is not cleaned after process of sanding.

Re-sand the surface and wash it with soap water or degreaser to clean all sticky dirt and repeat the steps as follows.

Blistering of paint is caused by water, solvent or rust trapped under the surface.

Sanding it down and refinish. Ensure surface is completely clean before repainting.

Resulting from spray can that is held too far away from the surface; spray temperature is too high (for best results, spray under 30°C or sunlight); sprayed nozzle is clogged.

Sand with fine grit sandpaper, and use a fine compound to rub out orange peel. if that fails, remove paint with paint remover and refinish.


-Keep the doors and windows open throughout the process of spraying and dying.
-Contents are under pressure. Do not punture or incinerate can even when it is empty.
-Exposure to temperatures 50°C and above may cause bursting.
-Keep out of reach of children.


Open round cap and turn the can upside down with red cap at the boom.

Press the can until produces “pop” sound from within

Fell the spring to comrm activation

Shake to mix A & B well for 2 minutes

Perform a test spray from distance 8-15 cm

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